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The Marco Island Woman's Club meets the first Wednesday of the month at 11:30 A.M.  Check our Events Calendar for the next meeting.  See you there!

Our History 

In October 1966, the Marco Island Woman’s Club (MIWC) was chartered by a group of 16 friends who wanted to help support the Island’s people and various non-profit groups. Today, the Club is proud to be both a civic-minded organization with a long proud history of serving the community and an active social network for the women of Marco Island. 

The Club’s accomplishments include:

EDUCATION: One of the most important projects to date stems from the Club’s strong interest in the education of Marco Island high school students planning to attend college.  In 1988, with a generous donation from Club member Signe Gleich, the MIWC Foundation was formed. The Foundation provides educational scholarships for Marco students. Several college scholarships are awarded each year from monies raised by the Marco Island Woman's Club.  In 2011, another former member of the Woman’s Club left a sizable donation and the first Verne Cabooris Scholarship of $12,000 was awarded. 

DONATION TO MARCO ISLAND ACADEMY CAPITAL CAMPAIGN:  To provide a permanent home for students where they will create memories to last a lifetime. The new facility will allow MIA to grow from 230 to 400 students.  The school will be constructed in three phases beginning the Summer of 2019.
CLASSROOM AT MARCO ISLAND NATURE PRESERVE & BIRD SANCTUARY:  A classroom to educate both residents and visitors about the local environment and wildlife.  Building is planned for the near future.

A PLAQUE AT VETERANS' COMMUNITY PARK FREEDOM FOUNTAIN:  Inscribed "Marco Island Woman's Club honors all who served and all who sacrificed for our freedom."  The plaque was dedicated January 19, 2016.

THE PATRIOTIC BENCH AT VETERANS' COMMUNITY PARK FLAG PLAZA:   The Club donated a bench with a plaque inscribed "Donated By Marco Island Woman's Club Established 1966."  The bench was dedicated July 2, 2014.

THE LIBRARY: One of the Club’s earliest and proudest accomplishments is the founding of the Marco Island Public Library, which began as a volunteer effort in early 1967. The need for a library was very great, as the original library was housed in a room in the volunteer fire station. Our members worked diligently to find a bigger permanent home eventually approaching Deltona, which graciously donated their old “Welcome to Marco” Polynesian-style shack, currently the City of Marco Island Fire Station. With the tireless combined efforts of many, the shack was remodeled, carpeted and opened for business with 110 books in 1968. Books were then donated both by individuals and the Collier County Free Library; so that by 1972, just 4 years later, there were 18,127 volumes crammed into the tiny little building. Later with the Club’s continued financial and volunteer support, the library was moved to Winterberry Drive (now the Collier County Tax Collector's Office); again, the library building became too small for the Island’s growing population. Finally, in 1988, the present library was constructed at twice the size under a $1.6 million county project.

THE GAZEBO: As a new addition to the renovated library, the Club funded a lovely gazebo which bears a plaque, “Donated in 1998 by the Marco Island Woman’s Club.” In cooperation with the Marco Island Historical Society, the gazebo has a new look and now is located at The Historical Museum.

MARCO ISLAND HEALTH CARE CENTER & NAPLES COMMUNITY HOSPITAL: Club members had become increasingly aware of the urgent need for hospital care on the Island. The MIWC spent many of its early years gathering donations for equipment for Naples Community Hospital. In 1977, the Club purchased a defibrillator for Marco’s ambulance service. Then in 1979, all hospital donations were dedicated to a building fund for the current Marco Island Health Care Center. The Club’s name can be found on the plaque, which lists donors of $25,000 or more, and our members continue to participate as volunteer auxiliary members of both the Marco Island Health Care Center and Naples Community Hospital.

ISLAND BEAUTIFICATION & YOUTH CENTER: The Club initiated the movement for beautification of the Island and for the original youth center, which grew into the present YMCA.

THE HISTORICAL CEMETERY: Our members have been instrumental in clearing and restoring the Marco Island Historical Cemetery and have planted and cared for the Marco Island Woman’s Club garden therein.  In 2014, a new heart shaped granite marker was added bearing the Club's name.

DONATIONS: It is important to recognize that each year the Club raises and donates funds to student college scholarships as well as assisting many other civic and health organizations. The following is a list of recent donations which totaled approximately $40,000 for 2018-2019:

Marco Island Woman’s Club Foundation

Marco Island Academy Capital Campaign Fund

Marco Island Academy Athletic Program

Laces of Love

Marco Island "Our Daily Bread" Food Pantry

Marco Island Center for the Arts Children & Youth Initiative

Marco Island Historical Museum Education Committee

The Shelter for Abused Women & Children of Collier County

American Cancer Society - Marco Island Unit's MIWC Wig Room

The MIWC has been and continues to be an important source of community support since those early days of 1966.  We recognize and take pride in our Club and its many accomplishments.  

For more information about the Marco Island Woman's Club, please contact President Sue Ellen Welch at 781-635-5240 or go to the "Contact Us" page to send a message.

Marco Island Woman's Club Charitable Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.